What were they thinking

What Were They Thinking?



My heart goes out to the families of lost loved ones and to those that have yet to learn the fate of the 17 or more missing and not found.



Having said that, I find this latest of the California tragedies completely avoidable. In truth it was a forecasted, real life, survival scenario. Coming off the worst wildfire burn in history, meteorologists forecasted yet another worse case front moving in. This time, as in the past, it was rain. Not just any rain front but, a front that was capable of dumping rain at the rate of an inch/hour. Sadly, they missed mark with rain totals approaching an inch every fifteen minutes. As the report stated – an unprecedented amount.


At what cost of life will we finally wake up and heed the warnings we are given? Have we thrown plain ole common sense totally out of the window? Or, as I suspect, so self-assured in the “safety” of our homes that we simply see no need to heed warnings?


Well, 17 people paid the ultimate price. 17 and more may also have paid that price.


So, here it is…you decide what common sense might have dictated.


You live in California.

You have survived the largest wildfire in history.

Your home has survived but, you live in a low lying area surrounded by burn scared hillsides.

Your life has returned to some semblance of order, you go to work – your kids go back to school.

Then comes the announcement – strong front moving in – heavy rains – with flash flooding and mud slides eminent.


  1. At that point, what sensible person wouldn’t go out and look at his or her surroundings? Perhaps even taking a drive to assess how a land slide/ mud slide might affect where they live.


The warning was there. It was loud and certain. So, why then didn’t the 34 people (and possibly more) simply relocate? “Get out of Dodge” comes to mind. A friend’s house. A relative not living in a danger zone. A hotel/ motel. A co-worker’s house – any where but the danger prone area they lived in. They had time…


Survival doesn’t have to mean at the hands of some catastrophic world event – or Zombie apocalypse! Survival can be simply heeding warnings and acting accordingly. We need to wake up and stop dying for no other reason than personal vanity. The wolf is always at our door and he grows stronger with every passing year.


Technology grows by leaps and bounds and desensitizes our very beings. We become complacent and more resistant to the wonders that technology offers us. We’ve gone from – “Clap on – Clap Off the Clapper” to announcing lights on, as we enter the house. Well, try telling your house to protect you from a mud slide, or a tornado or even a hurricane.

Forest Gump may have had it right after all – “Stupid is, as stupid does”


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God Bless – God’s speed

And may HE always be with those that have suffered so much.


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