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I grew up in Southern Minnesota, during what I’d call a more relaxed time. A time when there were no social pressures, no cell phones and parents didn’t have to fear jail time for allowing their children freedom.

Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, I had the great outdoors as my playground and took every advantage of it. When I grew old enough I took to exploring the vast wooded areas of Minnesota. I fished, hunted and learned everything I could from nature. It would be safe to say that the word boredom was not in my vocabulary.

In my 27th year I left Minnesota and landed in Colorado. To date, I’ve spent more years in Colorado than I did in Minnesota. Colorado, being the grand state that it is, offered me an ever expansive playground for fishing and hunting. My wanderlust took hold and after nearly 20 years in Colorado I found myself in Hawaii, on the ‘Magical Isle’ – Maui, where my fishing went large, learning what deep sea fishing was about. A bit over 10 years later I was back in Colorado, where I remain.

So why ? Rapidly approaching 67 years of life, I am again delving into something new and honestly hoping that it will help offset Uncle Sam’s generous offering, after working my tail off for 52 plus years. :) That aside, my site fits my backround of years of camping, hunting and fishing but, mostly the skills I’ve learned. Skills that will make sure I survive should the SHTF.

How about you and your family? There is nothing wrong about getting prepared. Whether from a natural disaster or from a global event you won’t have time if you haven’t already taken the time. There will only be time to act! Take a careful look around you – where you live and how, and then consider the tens of thousands (or more) of people frantically wanting what you might want, food, water, shelter and more when disaster strikes – And believe me it will. It’s not a question of “IF”.

As I stated in my footer note on the web site…’No matter my site or someone else’s…’ Do the right thing. Prepare yourself but, I do hope you will take some time and look around my site!

Well, that’s it for now. May your holidays be all that you want. May your New Year’s celebration be safe and happy!

From me and mine,

Your Host ~ Pappy

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